Biotivia Bio Forge

  1. Biotivia Bio Forge

    Has anyone tried this supp? Seems a lot of my friends like it.

  2. There is a lot of very good feedback on but with no reps on this board it doesn't seem to have much of a voice. I'm going to be including BioForge (4 caps for 6 weeks) in my PCT starting Monday so will let you know how it works for me.

  3. Lots of good feedback on this one currently going around. I have several customers running it with my Blueprint program and logs just getting underway. Most are using it alongside Ebol..

  4. sounds good let me know how it works for all of you
  5. On day 5 with Bioforge......

    Along with USPLabs OEP....

    Bioforge is the truth! I have written a review on Endurance, strength has increased...libido has not changed but I do not have a problem in that dept. I just started running as my cardio and I am telling you...I do not want to stop! And when I am finished, I am not tired or anything.

    Strength has increased and I am not that much sore when I am done with my weights. Again, I just started my weight training earlier this week. This stuff is top notch in my books.

  6. thanks for the review man let me know how it goes from here out

  7. I sure will brotha!


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