up your mass/true mass

  1. up your mass/true mass

    anyone have any idea why when i drink these shakes, my ears turns bright and burn for awhile?
    i have no food allergies?

  2. First off, why on Earth are you using these products...if you want mass; eat more quality food - wasting time with this kind of nonsense (i.e. - "mass" products) is not going to get you where you want to be and downright deceitful by the industry (carbs are cheap and the industry would be more than happy to sell you them - buy a protein powder and add your own at least).

    My guess for your situation is probably due to niacin - while I am uncertain of the profile of these products...it may or may not explicitly list niacin. The listing of "egg protein" may also yield a lot of niacin and you are merely experiencing a natural flush.

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  3. thanks dinolli.
    i drink these morning/pwo, with work i have limited time to really eat being on the road all day

  4. up your mass would be good if they swapped the soy out, since it isnt full of malto and dextrose it actually has barley, and oats as the carb source which is good. i dont think the little bit of soy protein in it is going to be bad for you tho anyways.

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