Alpha Male Feeling and AI's

  1. Alpha Male Feeling and AI's

    I have been doing a little research on supps. that will really help with giving you that alpha male feeling. It seems that many people suggest using an AI. I am assuming that this will be a very low dose of an AI due to the fact that too much can lead to some problems including loss of libido (which i could imagine will really ruin your alpha male mentality). What AI's would all of you recommend for this (from experience)? And also, if running it low dose and say maybe every other day during the week, how long can this be run for?

    I ran a low dose cycle of 6-oxo stacked with DTHC a while back and felt great. I did half the recommended dose of the 6-oxo mon., wed., fri., before bed. What other recommendations do you all have?

    I also ran a cycle of DTHC (120ct.) solo and had an overall great alpha feeling. Now I am on the 240 ct and can say i dont feel it at all like i did with the other.

  2. I can definitely vouch for the alpha male feeling of an AI, but this was from Arimidex, went out to a club that night on the day I started taking it, very fun experience.
    Although it has been a couple of years and that feeling quickly dropped off.

  3. anyone else?

  4. formex did the trick for me. unlikely to find it now but there are other brands of formestane out there

  5. Epistane was the most powerful one, being that it has anti estrogenic properties but is classified exogenous... Combine Epistane with a pheromone like The Edge or NPA under the nose...youll be feeling too big for ya britches

    I would say:
    Sustain Alpha
    Blue Up Stim free

    were the top 3 natural ones.

  6. really, blue up? hmm i didnt even think of that one.

    what about dosings, a every other day type idea? and how long can one run somehting along the lines of formex/formestane?

  7. 6-bromo gave me a bit of rage at 100mg for a month

    and high dosed divanyl to feel like a sex god haha

  8. 6oxo and/or trione is probably the best that I've experienced the alpha male feeling. There's a lot of theories of how it can bind strongly to androgen receptors... it's pretty much the only supp that I've ever taken that makes me break out badly and shed. Strength goes up like crazy, even while cutting, but I never notice any lean mass gains with it (all evidence that there could be androgen binding).

    Also to the OP, different AI's work differently. Most people can tolerate high doses of trione, formestane, and 6bromo and still have ENHANCED libido. The only otc AI that requires conservative dosing in terms of libido are ATDs IMO. And even then with a low dose, libido is enhanced, albeit slightly.

  9. Formestane best to date. 6-bromo - not really (boosted test alright), T911 - not really (fast acting - too fast) but I'm told the old version did. SA - loads of energy, not quite the "drive", certainly has an effect. PowerFull - more subtle, actually I find PowerFull difficult to compare.

    Not tried Formex (IBE), must try 6OXO. Why has Nutra gone all natty BTW, like zip trione or formestane powder?

    Just to add SA and PowerFull are very good products indeed but not quite "alpha male" IMO, which I'd define as having drive, focus and energy.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by srocco112 View Post
    really, blue up? hmm i didnt even think of that one.

    what about dosings, a every other day type idea? and how long can one run somehting along the lines of formex/formestane?
    Stim-free. The stuff I've got has a heap of yohimbine in it.


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