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    When you walk into a supplement store are you just scratching your head? Ever just not sure what to do?

    Well when in doubt DONT ask the owner. Sorry but it just tends to be someone trying to sell you. You should ask a veteran to lifting, diet and supplementation. Seriously, do you want someone in the know OR THAT JUST WANTS IN YOUR WALLET.

    Here is a list of supplements I totally support for everyone:

    1. Protein
    2. Glutamine
    3. Creatine (micronized if possible)
    4. Caffeine (or some preworkout stimulant IF YOU NEED IT)
    5. BCAA's
    6. Fish oils
    7. Alkaline Foods

    Pretty simple but this is where anyone should START. Bodybuilder, crossfitter, yoga chick or jogger all need the above list added to their training. So yes, this means EVERYONE.

    1. Protein is not really complicate although it seems to be for many. I like a whey isolate first meal of the day and after training. Whey is fast digesting so this is a time issue. You want those muscles flooded quickly. Casein is a slow digesting Protein you can use during the day like a bit of a meal replacement and before bed. It takes up to 7 hours to totally digest so you stay in that building stage.

    2. Glutamine can be argued about absorption etc but bottom line its great for the immune system ans stomach lining. That alone makes it invaluable. Glutamine peptides show to absorb much better for muscle recovery so decide on that if you can afford it. I recommend both. You can take it several times a day.

    3. Creatine is well worth improving your recovery. It matters. It isn't bad for you in any such way. There is zero research showing its bad for the kidneys, causes muscle tears and cramping. Keep hydrated of course but you should already be doing this regardless.

    4. Stimulants can get that adrenal gland going to increase performance as you train. Be careful because not only can your body adapt to stimulants but the increase in cortisol can lead to more inflammation this being very counterproductive.

    5. BCAA's will keep your muscles positively charges with nitrogen. Your recovery and quality of life with be exponentially improved with this amino acid supplement. You will thank me sooner than later.

    6. Fish oils have far too much research but 3-5 grams a day is great for most people. Google for more on this.

    7. Alkaline foods are just great to balance your blood levels acidity. Too much acid means inflammation AND MORE. In fact, cancer has been related to high levels of acid in the blood. Read up on this. It will change your life.

    So this is where you start. NOT CAN. THIS SHOULDN'T BE AN OPTION. SORRY but the latest NO product or strange hormone stimulator will mean very little. MAJOR IN THE MAJORS and don't minor in the minors.

  2. great write up and absolutely true.

    i think something you have to take into consideration though is that there are some really good salemen out there that will be honest with you and sell you what you really need. these guys usually work at a store that doesn't have commission and the store is usually a discount nutrition store, not a GNC.

    (i'm one of those guys that will be honest with you)

  3. I think you could throw in some Beta alanine and some AAKG, I love they way they make me feel while in the gym

  4. Yah as far as supplementation goes, this is a great place to start. Diet first and supps like these come next.
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

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