Best suppliment on the market!

  1. Best suppliment on the market!

    Guys, check this **** out... I feel like I have to deal with these type of people every day... I go to a "fitness resort"... not a real gym

    [ame=""]YouTube- bodybuilding Supplements part 1[/ame]

  2. hahahahahaha!!! thats how people on this website are actually!
    Performax Labs Product Specialist


  3. That's priceless!

  4. that's GOLD!!!! LOL!!!!!!

  5. Lol, comical... A kid at my school was complaining about his test booster not working, i asked him what kind of protein he was using, he replied "all protein does is make you fat, its a waste"... I just walked away and told him goodluck

  6. lol, that makes me think about this dude at school that told me that wheybolic and some gnc creatine made him gain 30lbs in one month. the part 2 of this video is good too


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