Need some opinions

  1. Need some opinions

    Alright I need some help with supps at the point im at. I have been lifting/ doing sports for 13 years now, and have done 2 pro-hormone cycles ableit at a young age. I was up to around 195 5'7 with 10% BF. I went thru some very rough months in my life with heavy drinking/no working out or eating right. Im currently 178 with about 13-15% BF. My weights are down drastically and my cardio is horrible. Right now im taking BCAAS throughout the day, multi, and ECY stack for working out.

    I plan to do this for atleast a couple months and adding protein shakes in where I need. My question is though, what supp would be great for recomping/muscle soreness? I do not want to add to much weight at all really, because I plan on doing MMA at 155 in about a year. I would like to stay between 175-180 but get my BF down to around 6-8% and my endurance/cardio/strength up. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

  2. You have good supps with ECY and BCAA's and might not need much else for now. You could use DCP and a cortisol blocker if you wanted to attack fat loss through different angles.

  3. Some Glycobol can help but to get down to the 6-8% BF range will take some time and hard work mostly.
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  4. maybe take a HGH product like Ghenerate or HGHup or IGF 2
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  5. Eat clean and dont drink. Drinking will hamper any goals IMHO. Once I stopped, and I mean completely stopped, I found reaching my goals much easier. I could even sneak in a few late night cheeseburgers and it wouldnt come close to what a Friday and Saturday night(s) of drinking would.

    Its hard when your young and all your friends are going out, etc. to stop drinking completely but I found it much easier to stay lean once I did. That said, the occasional drink is actually good for you, so by occasional I mean once in a blue moon.



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