mid and post work out carbs

  1. mid and post work out carbs

    If carbs are great post work out for recovery but yet carbs blunt GH production what do we do? When we exercise, blood glucose and insulin levels decrease, and GH levels increase. but soon as blood glucose and insulin levels rise, GH levels will drop back down, as insulin acts to suppress GH secretion. My post workout shake has carbs and my midwork out shake has carbs in it.
    Any suggestions.

  2. Any one?

  3. Taking in carbs after a workout hasnt really hurt me any... I still gain fine...

  4. I think your going to have to decide between replenishing glycogen and spiking insulin opposed to having increased GH... I'd advise having a moderate amount of low GI carbs postworkout, some oats or raisins to possibly get the best of both worlds... There are plenty of people who use lots of maltodextrin postworkout and get good results, but personally i dislike spiking insulin levels because my family has a history of diabetes...

  5. COULDN'T I just take something like alpha gpc post workout with my postworkout shake so I get some GH spike?

  6. The other good one is coconut. Its sweet and a low GI carb.

    Raisins is a good idea - they are moderate GI though.

    This is a really good thread BTW and strikes at the split between strategies. Insulin spike vs. low GI upping hGH and keeping cortisol in check.


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