Preserving Prohormones?

  1. Preserving Prohormones?

    I'm new to the board so hello to everyone! I just stocked up on vast amount of the banned prohormones and when I mean stocked up I mean close to around 30 bottles or so. Does anyone know if I would be a good or bad idea to put the extra bottles in my fridge or freezer? I think that would be a better idea than just having them in my pantry. Thanks in advance!!!!

  2. They should last a good few years in the pantry before starting to degrade. Oh, and for future reference, all posts anabolic related goes in the anabolic section.

  3. remove salmon , insert designers

  4. Do not put in the freeze. When they thaw out the inside of the bottle can get condensation in it, hence ruining your stash.

    Dark cool area will work fine
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  5. yeah dont' freeze, if u have that air contrapition in the picture thats your best bet, if not just throw it in a plastic bag, wrap it tight and get the air out, then put it in a dark cool place, for example if you have a basement that doesn't get moisture in it thats a good place, i'd also recommend not putting it near the floor, if you have a shelf or something put it on there



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