A little feedback

  1. A little feedback

    I'm looking to add a few pounds of LBM and have been thinking about HGHUP or Prime. Now, both are RIDICULOUSLY hyped up and I haven't tried a single USPLabs product that worked other than PowerFULL. Even that only helped me sleep better. My libido did not change, I gained zero strength, and nothing else happened at all. Waste of $$ for me. That's why i'm VERY hesitant to try Prime. Anyone have any REAL UNBIASED feedback on these 2 products or any others for that matter, that put some more mass on them? Company reps, don't even bother responding.

  2. Not really the best way to ask for advice Bass. I have not used HGHup myself but the feedback on it's benefits look great. I have used Prime and it definitely brings the goods as far as better recovery and freaky strength increases. With your DC training this will show itself nicely( I DC train as well). Combine that with a test booster and you can get some good results. I ran it with DS Actvate Xtreme and it put on some good muscle. The Prime was run for 2 months with the 6/9 protocol. I will probably do it at 8 ed on my next use because I feel you just need to build it up in your system and keep it saturated. The ActX was taken 2/2/2 ed for 2 months. Not the cheapest stack but I peice it together over time and then run it.
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  3. I did a 2 month run of prime and kept taking my creatine and whey shakes. Anyways, I really liked the way my strength stayed up and my body looked even though I was doing mucho cardio. Lost fat but didn't seem to lose muscle!!
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  4. Sounds like you are uncertain. well, i am currently logging HGHup and Prime stack under the supplement review section. i have taken prime before and i can tell you all about it, but im sure you have read other people's reactions to it. read for yourself on REAL results on my log of HGHup with Prime. Ill just tell you a few things that will convince you to look. Before i started, i could only do 90lb DB on flat bench about 7x. I am now doing 100lb DB on flat 6x. my bench continues to go up, along with most of my other exercises. i have gained a few pounds, my body composition looks the best it has been in my life. but go read all my results i have had so far. i have about a week and a half to two weeks left then i will recomp with green mag. ive used half the small tub already and didnt see much so i will try to recomp with it.
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  5. and to be honest, i cant tell if my mass increase is from the combo, from hGHUP or from prime alone. i remember last time on prime i only saw a huge increase in strength and about 3 pounds increase in weight. the one thing i can see from HGHup is the amazing sleep and recovery
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