Spring Break last chance stack!

  1. Spring Break last chance stack!

    I'm going to spring break on march 15th and been stocking up for a last cycle before I go. Right now I have ordered the Swole Stack (1 TestoPRO+ 1 Glycobol+ 1 Stoked), Animal Pak (44 packs), Jack3D, EAS Whey Protein (5lbs Chocolate & 5lbs Vanilla). Can anyone please help me with the dosage on the swole stack. I've looked around on here but couldn't find a clear answer on what dosage and times to run all the products. Will be taking the protein 3 times a day (morning, afternoon (pre-workout) and evening before bed). Jack3D as my preworkout and the animal packs 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening.
    6'3 210lbs 22 yrs old
    lifting since 15 (thank you high school football!)

  2. is nobody a big fan of SWOLE stack?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by natepierson View Post
    is nobody a big fan of SWOLE stack?
    that i know of tons of people enjoy the swole stack, which is why i'm sure theres a fourm somewhere that has dosing protocol in it

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