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  1. usplabs prime

    is it safe to take usp labs prime i am 17 years old?

  2. I'm 21, and I asked the same question. The general reply was "Wait until you're 25". For the most part, I'd agree. Take a creatine, ZMA, a preworkout supplement like Jack3d, and a postworkout protein and workout right and hard, you'll fill out quick (if you haven't already done those things).

    I was 150lbs my sophomore year in high school. I was a 2nd string wide receiver and wanted to get bigger. So I worked out outside of football workouts, took ZMA, a creatine, and a protein shake. I gained 50lbs by senior year and started outside linebacker. (clincher) Give it time and it'll work.

  3. yeah wait till ur at least 18m bro protein,protein thats what u need

  4. you can take prime bro. its non hormonal. your good.
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  5. Prime is a completely non-hormonal, natural anabolic agent that is safe for those 18 years and up.
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  6. Yea i play football to im a middle linebacker and fullback im a junior and im 5'10 190

  7. prime would be fine for you, however at the age of 17 i think your money would be better spent on some nice good food, and whey protien, and trying out creatine.


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