Dosing / splitting help.

  1. Dosing / splitting help.

    So I just recently purchased:

    Multi Adam
    Fish Oil

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how I should spread that out through the day? I also may add ECY to the mix, which would be first thing in the morning as I don't have much of stomach issues when I take it.

    All advice is appreciated.

  2. Any suggestions at all?

  3. 11-Oxo is hormonal so I wouldn't recommend stacking with 6-bromo, or P-Sarm for that matter. You should save it for after.

    As for the ECY, I would also wouldn't recommend stacking with 11-oxo, and would run that after pct. I think stacking coleus with ECY would be alright, but not with 11-oxo as it's has pretty good cortisol control (or is known for it).

    My end advice:
    Run 11-oxo normally, as with the adam and fish oil.
    Run your pct (i can't comment on if P-sarm, 6-bromo is a good enough pct, though)
    Run ECY with Coleus for cutting down after PCT.

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