1. exhausted

    hey guys,

    been taking 4 mass fx/day
    4 orange triad/day
    2 true mass shakes per day
    1 serving green mag

    the post "creatine" made me decide to ask this.

    since taking these, i have been exhausted, i can sleep for 12 hours/day and still feel tired. i had some bloodwork done and similar to the other post, i have an increase in white blood cell counts and cretenine levels were 3.2?
    any suggestions?

  2. Could you tell us what your diet looks like?

  3. morning: 2/3 egg omelette ham/cheese, protein shake
    lunch: depends on travel with work, normally turkey sandwich/salad
    dinner: steak and or chicken, vegetables, brown rice, protein shake

    midday, depends might just be a meal replacement bar

  4. Well first I'd recommend you to try and get more meals spaced throught the day.
    After you do that and you are still getting no energy you should try out investing in some B-Vitamins and see how that works, their great at boosting natural energy (No Stims).

  5. thanks wrasslin!
    i'll pick up some b today and give that a shot. even with the bloodwork levels, is it ok that i keep taking the creatine?

  6. No problem bro hope the B works!
    And I'm not the best on bloodwork levels and stuff yet, still learning in that area lol, someone will more than like jump in though.

  7. check the back on your protien powder container. does it list any amino acids.
    take a closer look, you might see Tryptophan! this is also found in turkey, and does make people tired and sleepy/


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