20 yr. old needing advice on supplements...???

  1. 20 yr. old needing advice on supplements...???

    I'm 20 yrs. old 5'9" 165lbs... looking to be around 180-185lbs. by mid march in time for spring break... I'm looking into a bunch of different supplements, one stack i saw appealing is one that my friend just started with p-plex and m-drol. However i've done some reading and I'm not sure as to whether or not how safe those would be for someone my age, considering that i'm a college student and as much as i'de like to say i wont drink during my cycle, i'm not gonna lie and say that would happen for sure... So, i was wondering wut the best combination of supplements would be for me to meet my goal in the time alotted and with as little damage to my liver as possible but still with significant gains as the main priority. I've heard that the p-plex and m-drol r pretty harsh on the liver, but how much worse is it than any other supps?... I did a cycle this summer of the muscletech muscle building stack with gakic, luekic and creakic, together with arimatest, formadrol extreme and mitotropin... that said i saw significant gains in muscle and fat loss with that cycle, however i was just wondering if there's something else out there that would benefit me more??? (Details are appreciated, im not extremely familiar with some of the vocabulary and acronyms seen in the forums)

  2. P-Plex and M-Drol are oral steroids. That's why they are harsh on your liver (and your entire body for that matter). You shouldn't be considering them.

    Now I know this is probably the last thing you want to hear, but you don't need any supplement stacks or any crap like that right now. All you need is LOTS of food, some whey protein, and creatine if you'd like. You can't expect to have the body of your dreams by March, but you can certainly pack on some mass by then.

  3. I see where ur coming from... but genetically, i dont think i can get much bigger... my dad is 5'6" 150lbs... im lucky to be my size... but i would just like to get as far as i can by spring break. i mean im trying to be realistic in saying 10-15lbs gain of lean muscle and trim off some body fat. i've had little to no side effects from supplements in the past tho...

  4. if you start working out hard you will obtain your gains anyways from natural gains. If you are lifting just for ladies, then... I definitely wouldn't play with steroids. You can't say you won't get much bigger just because your parents are a certain size.

    Bump up your calories, get a solid workout routine, I bet you will see the results you are looking for in 3 months.

    As said earlier MDROL, pplex are oral steroids, not little herbal supplements. They require more attention to detail. BTW tell your friend who is using pplex that he is in possession of an illegal controlled substance now (I believe this went into effect today?)

    You go to Texas State? I can put you in touch with some good people up there.

  5. the reason ph's are getting banned

  6. oh really? i didn't know that, he ordered it online a couple weeks ago... and yeah i go to Tx. State.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by tgib08 View Post
    oh really? i didn't know that, he ordered it online a couple weeks ago... and yeah i go to Tx. State.
    Yup, Pplex is a controlled substance I think now (I believe FDA named 1/4/10 as the date of inaction).

    So, My suggestion would be... don't try to roid up to look cool during break. Just work hard and it will come.

    A few reasons why:

    1) if you cant eat to maintain or gain weight now, you sure as hell won't be able to after your cycle is done and you have added weight/
    2) Your PCT could go wrong or another issue, you maybe get the girls then you have alittle libido issue and your break is toast... doesn't sound like fun to me
    3) whether your 160 or 170 a girl most the time could give a **** less

  8. Quote Originally Posted by tgib08 View Post
    I see where ur coming from... but genetically, i dont think i can get much bigger... my dad is 5'6" 150lbs...
    brotha, i was 126 pounds at 29 years old. got to 175 naturally, so if i can do that, i'm sure you can go from 160 to 180. besides, what else are you going to do for the 3 years before you should consider a cycle? (23 is the advised age) train hard, and eat harder. even steroids don't change the basic law of mass : calories=mass.

    Gaining mass in a nutshell (a big nutshell)

    if you want supplement advice, it would be a NO booster. stay away from muscletech junk, and see if some of the reps could send you a sample of something better. MST's creatine, controlled labs products, AN has sample goodies, and i'm sure you can get some from other companies as well. the good news, is once you realize these products work, you'll also pleasantly find out they cost half of what the muscletech products do - at least that's how it works at nutraplanet.

    texaslifter is right as well - if you can't bulk naturally, your cycle won't be worth it, and you'll loose everything in PCT anyways. stick with natural stuff for now, if muscletech is all you've tried, prepared to see a world of much more effective supplements.

  9. Creatine will give you that nice added size boost that will keep you motivated and its cheap. Worked great for me when I was your age. Other than that, eat healthy, drink lots of water, and get good quality sleep. Want another nugget of advice? Avoid alcohol like the plague. My physique really took off when I completely stopped drinking. I know your only 20, but Im not stupid enough to realize that drinking is big with your peer group. Will definetly hinder your gains. Just my .02! Peace.

    P.S. A good quality creatine monohydrate is all you need. Although Ive heard great things about Omega's Trinitine.

  10. Im almost 22 now. When i was 20 i felt the same way as you...That no matter what i did i was not gaining the weight i wanted and wasnt seeing the results i needed. The idea of prohormones and what not was floating around in my head for a while. But after over a year of research and asking questions on this board i realized they are not for me, not at this age at least. Within a year i did a cycle of novedex (gaspari) and one cycle of DTHC and another DTHC with a very mild dosing of 6-oxo. I saw nice gains from all of these, nothing too extreme but did put on a couple lbs and realy cut up nicely. Many people will tell you not to screw around with t-boosters and sh*t along those lines at your age either, some people will say its ok. I took the chance and wanted to find out for myself and really liked the results.

    My advice to you, considering i was in your position not too long ago, is definitly avoid ph/steroids...it truely is not worth it, wait till you are older if you really find a need to play with them. Get your diet down, get quality sleep, train hard, and throw in an 8 week cycle of DTHC (at a mild dose) along with a nice pre-workout drink and youll get alot of extra energy and focus in the gym that will help you with your determination of the physic and strength you desire.

  11. How bout whey protein, some MCC and beta alanine? cheap and effective!!
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  12. If you do a cycle and don't research it properly you will probably have gyno that will have you needing a bikini top by the end of it all. Ladies don't go for that. I came new to this forum about 7 months ago thinking about taking an easy way, but you learn quickly time in the gym is what matters. With ALOT of research and hard work you will do more than you expected to. Without information and work nothing will happen. I am not trying to be preachy, but I came here with a similar attitude about needing pro hormones, but trust me, the vast majority of people on here have a great amount of knowledge on here and are willing to help. The biggest thing I can stress on how to see gains is what you eat. When I took what I ate seriously great things happened. Here is the kicker, alcohol is not really that worth it. Suppresses test and gives you a gut. Looking to add around 20 lbs of muscle in two and half months is not realistic or healthy. If you feel like your only option is pro hormones/ds to achieve you goals, your goals might need to take a look at what you are doing.

    Get yourself some whey and a solid NO.

  13. even if he did do a prohormone, its gonna be hard for him to put on 15 lbs and lose body fat, and keep it for spring break. Especially if he doesn't have a diet and training down.

  14. Wow most of these guys are in a realy helpful mood this morning.Listen to these guys NO PROHORMONES your to young brother and you have not even touched what you can achive naturally yet take that god given testosterone and bang like a mad man in the gym. Deadication is the key ingredient not hormones.

  15. probably not the best "supplements" to get on if your a noobie. Considering these arent even "supplements". These products are designed for more seasoned lifters. Creatine, BCAA's, and Mutlivitamins would do you well. I hope you find what your looking for. If you have any questions let me know mah good dude.
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  16. Quote Originally Posted by GeekPoop View Post
    How bout whey protein, some MCC and beta alanine? cheap and effective!!
    I like it.

  17. Best thing I ever did was quit drinking 3 years ago. I changed my diet to 6 meals a day (still clean though), got at least 8 hours of sleep a night (added ZMA, its cheap and i think it helps with REM sleep) and I experimented with different training programs till i found the exercises rep ranges and intensity vs volume that made me grow. I have been lifting for a total of 8 years the last 5 being much more dedicated than when i first started. Now i am about to be 24 and yes i have used AAS, but i cleanly bulked to 190 prior to starting it (which is pretty good for being 5 6").

    Another thing you have to realize is that you cant just gain 20lbs of muscle and expect not gain an ounce of fat or cut up at the same time. Shoot for 190-195, then ketosis or whatever diet/cardio program works best for you so that 180 goal of yours looks really good.

    Natural is the way to go man, If you dont have diet training PCT on lock steroids wont do anything but **** you up. Not to mention if you want to drink steroids just arent realistically in the picture for you.

    Now for supplements, go get A **** ton of meat, get ZMA, Weight gainer NOT protein, And USP labs has something called the asteroid stack which is supposed to be very good. I myself have not tried it but i think its ok for anyone over 18 years old. If you want a pre-WO drink just find a good energy drink out there most pre WO drinkis are all sugar/taurine anyways.

  18. a HUGE problem i have with the original post is "I HEARD...". do your own research. what if you "heard" that mdrol and p plex are a multivitamin. do your own research then come back on here. another problem i have is that you didnt even mention PCT along with this steroid stack. and just because it used to be legal does NOT mean it is safe. do you know what mdrol even is? its superdrol which is a methyl which can cause severe liver problems. and at 20, you have plenty of natural juice in you. i wouldnt argue with you if you wanted to run something like diesel test hardcore and stack it with prime. this is my main problem. people dont wanna work for true gains. they just wanna run a cycle and wake up looking big. just eat more, take natural supplements and train hard! if u wanna be big, u gotta eat big. you can gain 10 pounds by spring break naturally. and if your having a hard time gaining now, once you are off a steroid cycle, you will not be able to keep those gains. especially without the proper PCT.
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  19. Quote Originally Posted by tgib08 View Post
    I see where ur coming from... but genetically, i dont think i can get much bigger... my dad is 5'6" 150lbs... im lucky to be my size... but i would just like to get as far as i can by spring break. i mean im trying to be realistic in saying 10-15lbs gain of lean muscle and trim off some body fat. i've had little to no side effects from supplements in the past tho...
    another thing is you said u havent experienced side effects from supplements. have you had a recent blood test lately? people say steroids dont cause harm just because they dont see it right then. texaslifter89 and I are close friends with the owner of a supplement shop called G Power. The owner is Larry Clarke. His brother, anthony, was at one point the worlds strongest man. he DIED from liver and kidney failure. now i know u cant 100% prove it was from steroids, but a 30 yr old guy doesnt just have sudden liver and kidney failure from nothing.
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