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    Exercising is a lifestyle for many people who care about their health and want to be fit. Some people love working out and being active all the time, others make the sacrifice to do so but what counts at the end is that they are all taking care of their organism and that is simply all that matters. Many of these people wonder whether if it is good to combine the strength workout with the Cardio one since they either alternate them or do them the same day. The question here would be: Is it better to mix both exercises or to take specific days for each other?
    The answer is pretty easy I think. For example, you go and play basketball with your friends and just after it you go to your football practice. Will you play football with the same energy you had when you where playing basketball? Answer is no. Same happens with weight lifting and cardio exercises; you will have less energy on the second one and will lose important exercise. I would definitely say that it is better to alternate workouts and fully concentrate on each of them than to do one the right way and not the other; if you know what I mean; however it is not wrong to complete your strength workout and do some cardio after it just to burn a few more calories.
    It is important to know how to exercise in a proportional way so that you look good and fit, if you are working out in a gym ask a trainer to teach you how to use each of the gym machines and get some recommendations, after all they are the experts.

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    this is for Suppliment discussions lol. Go to workouts with that *&%$


  3. I prefer to run immediately following my lifting sessions. Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't that aid in body fat reduction more than just a cardio session only day?

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