Help with clenbuterol/t3 dosage

  1. Exclamation Help with clenbuterol/t3 dosage

    Hey guys,

    I'm a 20 yr old female athlete and my sport depends on me being at a light weight, at around 110lbs for my 5ft5 frame. After a very tough season of maintaining my weight this summer (my natural weight is around 130lbs) i decided not to weigh myself for my off season until after Christmas. This morning i weighed in at 126lbs, which is considerably more than i was expecting.
    I have around 1 1/2 months to lose the weight, otherwise my performance will definitely suffer. I'm putting myself straight onto a low carb, high cardio regime but would like to try the clenbuterol/cytomel stack to help with the fat loss.
    As this will be my first time using either drug, i really need help with dosages and cycles for my size, from people who know how to get the best out of these two fat burners.

    By the way, my cardio involves running 8-10km per day 5/6 days a week.


  2. Please help, i know there's loads of info about clen/t3 already but i dont know how to do dosages for my size..

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