Transdermal fat confused!

  1. Transdermal fat confused!

    Alright guys, usually I am pretty knowledgable when it comes to supplements but this one has me stumped. I have been reading for the last few hours on various transdermal fat loss mixes and im utterly bedazzled. I have the capzasin already, just trying to figure out what I need from NP to complete a good fat loss mix. They are out of the 8oz lipoderm and abliderate, so im going to have to settle for a 4 oz right now....

    Could I get some opinions on what you guys believe to be the king? I do have access to CLEN. Thanks!

  2. hmm building your own sounds slick! but gotta keep in mind primmordial makes a damn good one, Dermatherm Target, and they are starting a big new years sale tmrw

  3. don't waste your money with transdermal

  4. Go with either Napalm or Eviscerate. There is a huge thread on clen+Eviscerate and there is also one on clen+Napalm.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    Go with either Napalm or Eviscerate. There is a huge thread on clen+Eviscerate and there is also one on clen+Napalm.
    Could not agree more. Transdermal Clen is the way to go, IMO, and those two products are excellent choices for their carrier and ingredients.
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    Go with either Napalm or Eviscerate. There is a huge thread on clen+Eviscerate and there is also one on clen+Napalm.
    Could you link up the clen/eviscerate thread. I can't find it.

    I used the Beta Eviscerate and was very impressed. I have a bottle of it put back and I will likely add liquid clen when I run it in a few weeks.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by steam View Post
    don't waste your money with transdermal
    I can't disagree with this more. Depending on your BF, if it's ~15% or lower, you will see results. When I was using my Eviscerate, I was at like 18% or something and I started seeing results easily 5 days into it. I stopped using it because I wasn't in my usual workout routine and lifestyle so I have a lot left plus another bottle coming; plus another bottle that'll order during the New Year's sale. People might say that it's pointless to use transdermals if your over like 13% or 14% but I can't agree with that. The reason I praise transdermals is because it's not like you're holding fat EVERYWHERE right? You only want to lose fat in the troubled areas where it just never goes away, and this is where they rock. I agree, if you're obese, it'll obviously take you a lot of it, but if you are obese, supplements shouldn't be your main concern; diet and exercise will drop those pounds faster than a supp.

    I actually think transdermal fat loss is very underrated but I don't care either because I'm not draining my adrenals like others who run 3 bottles of different fat burners at the same time and get petty results. I've learned my lesson on going ape **** over systemic fat-burners and will never do anything like that again. You ever read those articles where they say spot reducing is impossible? Well, I believed it myself for a while until I got my hands on Eviscerate. IMO, it trashed that statement.

    This is my advice, make your own transdermal or get one like Eviscerate or Napalm. Stock up on EAAs, EFAs and a system fat-burner of your choice (if you really want to), run a 3 day carb-cycling shuffle with 1 cheat day every 6 days (2 shuffles). Or just run a lowered cal diet 5 days week with 2 maintenance re-ups on the weekends. Either one of those should be sufficient, I prefer carb-cycling because my body handles it very well and it simply works.

    If your protein in take is at body weight or a little surplus, you should see minimal muscle loss. EAAs really help with that, along with EFAs. And because you'd be using a transdermal, muscle loss is lessened again because all those stims aren't taken orally where it can inflict catabolic effects. While were on catabolic effects, another reason I don't like to junk up on oral fat-burners is because of nasty cortisol. How many times have you ran a fat-burner where you end up losing hella weight in your arms, face, legs and NOTHING on your midsection? Hell, your midsection probably ended up looking larger huh? Ya cortisol spikes suck and they really just blow your motivation, this is where transdermals shine, excuse me GLISTEN.

    I could go into way more detail but from my experience, I thank the companies that make transdermal fat-burners, especially PP for giving us Penetrate. I can't wait till next year, I have my whole transdermal formula laid out, it's going to be awesome. If you want anymore advice, shoot me a PM.

  8. Got 2 eviscerate and 1 dermatherm comin, got a very good price so well see how it all goes!

  9. cAN i add capzasin to eviscerate? the burn is good but not that intense...I should note the bottles I got are the 120ml beta's I believe.

  10. I used dermatherm target and like it. To make your own just get some Penetrate and your ingredients you need of NP
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