eat carbs AND boost GH?

  1. eat carbs AND boost GH?

    So we all know that insulin has a negative impact on GH, and we also know that carbs are to important on a bulking diet to give up. Do you think it would be a good idea to take something like banaba with my post workout carbs to lessen the insulin release and get a little more GH? If the answer is yes, list supplements you would reccomend.

  2. bulk banaba, glycobol, NA-rala, pslin, anabolic pump, slin-sane.. all good oh yeah insulean K is great post workout

  3. antioxidants like ALA tend to be pro-oxidative post-workout.

    dinoiii wrote articles on this on other forums, I cannot link them up though. I'm sure if you google it, you can find it.

    Look to use insulin mimickers with breakfast and early a.m. meals. Stabilization of your BG levels is key, so aim to not have multiple spikes throughout the day. Replenishing your glycogen stores will be ok post-workout, so don't get too focused on that at first. Focus on stabilizing it at other times of the day.
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  4. Thanks. My question was mainly about post workout GH, though.

  5. Right, you can negate those effects and others with post-workout consumption of insulin mimickers.

    Some people tend to wait about 15-30minutes post workout to consume a shake and/or meal for additional GH effects, but there are pros and cons to weigh with everything. If you wait too long your body can start to feed off of muscle and whatever it needs to begin repairing itself. So, in some cases a GH boost may have benefits but if it stops or slows the repair process, I would rather gain muscle than lose it.
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  6. OK. Good to know. What does everyone think of yellow gold?

  7. yellow gold works well. its one of the ingredients in anabolic pump aswell as glycobol. yellow gold is aka Berberine


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