arginine on low carb diets

  1. arginine on low carb diets

    is a NO product, or, arginine, still beneficial when on a low carb diet? I've got myself a bottle of syntrax nitrous, but don't think i'm willing to break my diet for it. I had bought it with intentions of gaining a longer, fuller pump when i go down for spring break, but now im learning more about it. Also, how fast-acting are these types of products? Would it be worth dropping my ECA and starting a NO product a few days before my flight, expecting my workouts down there to be giving off better pumps? Thanks alot.

  2. Im not sure if im allowed to post a link to another forum here, but i did a cycle of HP NO-XS (7g of AKG per day) while on a calorie reduced CKD and had mad gains, mad pump, mad endurance,

    mad being good

    so yeah, ive never tried any NO product not on a low carb diet, so i cant tell if it would be better off, but you can definately take it while on, and it will be worth it!

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