has anyone tried the Trifecta Stack by LG Sciences

  1. has anyone tried the Trifecta Stack by LG Sciences

    hey i am wanting to try the Trifecta Stack by LG Sciences. i was just wondering if anyone here has tried it and what your results were. any imput would be appreciated.

  2. i'm certain there are many on here that have ran that stack... hopefully they chime in for you.

  3. hells yeah

  4. I ran it a couple of months ago. Was awesome for a first stack. Gained 13lbs on it. Check out my log! It is at the bottom of my signature. Good luck

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  5. I ran it last year during a cut. I dropped BF while losing minimal strength. I really like M1D, currently running it for 6 weeks with def size gain, shirts aren't fitting anymore and I am up about 6 lbs.

    One reason I like the stack is that it is mild: no need for support supps and liver problems, and the PCT is simple. No, you will not blow up like on SD but you will get solid gains with Zero/minimal sides.
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