Swagger vs Core Zap

  1. Swagger vs Core Zap

    I have used Core Zap and enjoyed it very much. If you have used both products, how do they compare?

  2. Core Zap is a great preWO product!

  3. ive heard so much about Core Zap... never tried it

  4. zap is a lot more intense, but i really liked swagger and actually prefer it over zap, rpm and r4w. the cognitive/nootropic effect is really good, its just the right amount of stim, it last however long my lifting session goes, no crash, no yohimbe jitters/palpitations.

    currently only dosing 3caps pre-wo at 249lbs, might try 4 one day.

  5. I will have to give the Swagger a shot. I love Core Zap and I am always looking for a good pre w/o.

    That's a great price too!!
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by capnsavem View Post
    ive heard so much about Core Zap... never tried it
    Same here... hard to take it though since I am a PM trainer and that much caffeine will have me bouncing off the walls. Hard to buy it when it will get used on the infrequent AM workout.


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