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Did these supplements cause my sex drive to drop? 5-HTP, L-Tyrosine, L-Penylalanine

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    Did these supplements cause my sex drive to drop? 5-HTP, L-Tyrosine, L-Penylalanine


    This last week, I recently started taking 50 mg of 5-HTP at night, 500 MG of L-Tryrosine three times a day, 500 MG L-Penylalanine three times day and 500 mg of L-Tryptophan once a day.

    My sex drive has gone out the window. No I was not able to get an erection and when I did have sex I had Premature Ejaculation. It was like I wanted to get the experience over as fast as possible.

    I know all of this could be in my head and I have been thinking about it alot because this is not like me. I've stopped the supplements yesterday because I started taking them around the same time I notice a loss of sex of sex drive and sexual dysfunction.

    Has anybody experienced these side effects of these supplements?

    I've started taking Paravol so I can get my sex drive back ASAP.

    I was also planning on starting a cycle of Halodrol soon and have been preloading with Cycle Support over the last week.

    Should I hold off on the Halodrol until I start to feel normal again?



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    5-HTP is serotonin (or converted into it) which is increased with many antidepressants, which have myriad sexual side effects. my bet is that's your cause.
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    ive never had a problem with any of those supps and ive used 5htp and L-Tryrosine at the same time at alot higher dose

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    yeah, I wouldn't think those doses would have such strong side effects, are you also taking an SSRI ? Either way id drop the 5Htp and L-Tryptophan.

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