Next best thing to "The One"?

  1. Next best thing to "The One"?

    Haven't been here in a while. not since The One was discontinued, so of course I haven't been able to find it anywhere. Any suggestions on something very similar? The gains were unreal!!! 11 lbs in about 3 weeks!!!

  2. I think CEL makes a clone of it now. You can find it at some places online.

  3. its called d-plex

  4. 11lbs OF MUSCLE in 3 weeks???

    ho-ly sh1t man.... what else were you running with it?... not saying The One isn't a quality supp, but i WISH i could put on that amount of lean muscle in a month...

  5. hmm haven't seen "d-plex" just d-zine which is pretty much superdrol
    Your fastest weight is your best weight

  6. if u look ull eventually find it .
  7. dpfisher
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    So you were 126lbs and you took steroids? Fail

    Eh the OP I mean, what a coincidence the guy posting above me is also 126 lbs

  8. 11lbs in three weeks wasn't all lean mass fyi.

    i didn't care for the one. it isn't banned. im sure it will return.
    Olympus labs super pct, don't cycle without it. It's the best IMO. Get some an you'll be glad you did Olympus labs rep

  9. I always take these claims lightly. Especially for 3 weeks gaining 11 pounds. This isn't a big deal. People tend to eat and consume more fluids to maximize their run so a good portion of the gains is just the actual weight of consuming more food and retaining more fluids/glycogen. No one is going to gain 11 pounds of muscle in 3 weeks unless they are a heavyweight genetic freak.

    You can find the CEL clone online using google. Problem is, it hasn't been out long enough to determine efficacy via user feedback. CEL does have a good reputation on the boards though.


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