Next best thing to "The One"?

  1. Next best thing to "The One"?

    Haven't been here in a while. not since The One was discontinued, so of course I haven't been able to find it anywhere. Any suggestions on something very similar? The gains were unreal!!! 11 lbs in about 3 weeks!!!

  2. I think CEL makes a clone of it now. You can find it at some places online.

  3. its called d-plex

  4. 11lbs OF MUSCLE in 3 weeks???

    ho-ly sh1t man.... what else were you running with it?... not saying The One isn't a quality supp, but i WISH i could put on that amount of lean muscle in a month...

  5. hmm haven't seen "d-plex" just d-zine which is pretty much superdrol
    Your fastest weight is your best weight

  6. if u look ull eventually find it .
  7. dpfisher
    dpfisher's Avatar

    So you were 126lbs and you took steroids? Fail

    Eh the OP I mean, what a coincidence the guy posting above me is also 126 lbs

  8. 11lbs in three weeks wasn't all lean mass fyi.

    i didn't care for the one. it isn't banned. im sure it will return.

  9. I always take these claims lightly. Especially for 3 weeks gaining 11 pounds. This isn't a big deal. People tend to eat and consume more fluids to maximize their run so a good portion of the gains is just the actual weight of consuming more food and retaining more fluids/glycogen. No one is going to gain 11 pounds of muscle in 3 weeks unless they are a heavyweight genetic freak.

    You can find the CEL clone online using google. Problem is, it hasn't been out long enough to determine efficacy via user feedback. CEL does have a good reputation on the boards though.


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