New Kid Looking For Help

  1. New Kid Looking For Help

    Hi All,
    I am new to the forum and I have a few question that I am looking to get answered and I am asking you for help.

    First some background, I am 5'11'' 191 pounds, and way too high body fat than I would hope for. I'm not obese but I am not cut or defined.

    I play competetive hockey and I can only lift 3-4 times a week and never on the weekends. For the past 4 months I have been lifting consistently and while seeing gains I am not happy with how long it is taking to acheive them.

    I currently take whey protein and glutamine.

    So my questions are:

    1)What is the best supplement to help gain mass while trimming down my weight? Hdrol? Mdrol?

    What results or dangers are involved with either supplement.

    Thank you for your help.


  2. well if ur bf is too high ur gonna want to cut before u bulk or u could attempt to recomp but it will be alot slower fat loss. but how old are u and if u have only taken whey protein u shouldnot even be considering taking ph. and whats ur diet look like? because fat loss hinges on diet and workout more than supplementation

  3. Generally when someone is considering a hormonal, such as hdrol or mdrol I try to find out their age. But I dont even need that to come to my conclusion on advice. Lifting for 4 months does not give you enough experience in the weight room. Most AM vets recommend getting atleast bare min a solid year in the gym, let your body grow naturally for a good time before starting hormonals.
    On top of that what does your diet look like? In four months how was your progress? if its sub par chances are it isn't because your natural its because there is a problem either in your training or your diet.
    Also note that i wouldnt technically consider hdrol and mdrol supplements. They are Designer steroids, much different that your protein or glutamine.
    with that all said I suggest staing away from hormonals

    As far as gaining mass AND dropping BF(not weight, cause well you'd be proving the laws of physics wrong if you could weigh less, but have more mass) at the same time will take time. I suggest pick one, sense i feel like dropping BF is more important at this stage, Work on dropping weight while maintaining current LBM. So, with that said heres what you need to do
    Get your training in order with weight training and cardio. Get your diet in order, look into carb cycling or CKD, there are many many threads on these concepts. Then when that is in check use your staple supplements. Protein, creatine, omegas, and a multi.

  4. If you are playing competitive hockey the conditioning and good diet alone should have you quite fit. A solid 4 day workout plan should easily add strength and weight.

    You are either not getting enough conditioning during hockey practice, not training correctly and or likely eating poorly.

    Between hockey and weight training there is no reason for you to not be successful without hormones.

  5. I apologize for not beng more specific. I have been lifting for over 3 years now. About a year ago I had an intense knee surgery which is the cause for the body fat. I meant that I have been lifting 4 times a week for four months but the previous two months I was only lifting twice a week.

    Here is a normal daily meal plan:

    Breakfast: Coffee, banana, small amt of honey bunches of oats w/ 2% milk.

    Lunch: 2 ham and cheese sandwiches with granola bar.

    Dinner: Pasta, Sauce, Protein shake w/glutamine and banana.

    About 5 waters and 1 gatorade a day.

    I apprciate the feedback so far, thank you!

  6. I am 19 years old, I apologize for not answering earlier.

  7. at 19 u dont need to be taking anything hormonal. i know it will get you to your goal faster, but u dont need that at this point. u can simply reach it with a good diet and proper training. but if u wanted to go hormonal, hdrol for cutting is pretty decent. mdrol is more for bulking. it just all depends on what ur workout routine is. u can cut off mdrol if u have a cutting routine and decent diet. but i agree with the posts above. give urself more time in the gym to find out what routines work for you. good luck

  8. also, your not getting near enough grams of protein in that diet. you gotta eat AT LEAST 5 meals a day. i guarantee most people on here who are dedicated like myself eat around 6 meals with 1 to 2 protein shakes daily.

  9. Can you give me a basic idea of what a proper diet would be ?

    Is there any proven negatve side effects of hdrol?

  10. Do you spend a lot of time out on the ice? Everyone that I have known who played hockey were very fit playing that sport. Except for the ones on the bench.

    M-drol and H-drol are steroids, it would be foolish to incorporate them where you are at right now. IMO.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by jrfly9 View Post
    Can you give me a basic idea of what a proper diet would be ?

    Is there any proven negatve side effects of hdrol?
    proper diet
    first need to calculate maintance cals using a various calculators on the web search something like "finding daily maintance calorie needs" in google and click one that sounds the best from there times that number by 1.2 to get how many calories your body needs if you just sit around and dont workout. then add 200-500 cals depending on your workout note that 500 cals is one hell of a workout so be honnest with yourself, if you want a better idea user a heart monitor.
    when you get that magic number in order to lose BF subtract 100-200 cals from there. a week or two later subtract another 100-200 cals. if this is still not enough do again. This is a basic fat loss plan with general calorie needs
    theres diets like CKD that uses the concept of fat mobilization, or carb cycling thats more mild concept of CKD. CKD, while pretty hard to do has shown some good results, again research this.
    Generally speaking though you need atleast 1g/Ibs of BW carbs and fat vary based on diet, personal preference, and goals.

    Do some research my friend it wont happen over night

    as for a neg sides from hdrol. i actually laughed at that
    your putting a chemical in your body that overall doesn't belong in your body. this chemical, in this example hdrol knocks your body out of homeostasis, so clearly theres going to be neg. sides
    while they are mild some can be and is not limited to acne, gyno(bitch tits), liver toxicity, test shutdown, and drop in libido.
    while gyno and shutdown are pretty unlikely if you dont follow proper support supps, PCT and cycling anything can happen.

  12. agreed. basically, if u wanna lean out but add muscle, eat a crap load of protein and lean meals like chicken and veggies

  13. There's some good advice here bud, take it for what it's worth.... (which is a lot!!)

  14. I'll try to learn all I can. I work construction during the day and then lift and then go to practice so I have no time to cook food in between. Does anyone have some good ideas for a healthy pre-packed lunch?

    Thanks for the help so far guys, I am learning alot.

  15. Most stores have premade salads (stick to ones with chicken and decent amount of spinach) that can be useful for this. Generally low in fat and the carbs or more of the fibrous/long-chain type (which is what you want). The chicken/lean-meat is self-explanatory. If you pack food (sandwhich/chips/etc.) consider using whole grain bread, and the leanest meat you can. Cheese is ok but should be relatively minimal. Lettuce, spinach, sprouts are all encouraged. Chips should probably be baked or of the multi-grain type. I'll let you figure out the rest. Really you wanna watch your carb/fat intake. Simple carbs should be avoided, and fats should be healthy fats only (flax, EVOO....). Good luck with your goals.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by jrfly9 View Post
    I'll try to learn all I can. I work construction during the day and then lift and then go to practice so I have no time to cook food in between. Does anyone have some good ideas for a healthy pre-packed lunch?

    Thanks for the help so far guys, I am learning alot.
    premade lunch, personally cause i'm a broke college student Hit up walmart for premade chicken breasts, buy the jumbo bag for like 10 bucks and eat 120 cals, 9g fat 0carbs and 13g protein
    it works and not as bad as you think

  17. ok go buy at walmart a big bag of frozeb chicken. grill it or put it on the stove and make you like 5 pieces for the day. u can always eat salad. thats easy to fix. have protein powder in ur shaker already so u can mix it on the go.


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