Hey guys! what's up?

So, Actually I have been taking Amplified Creatine 189 for 2 weeks now (Which is the worst creatine I could've ever bought, the pills don't disolve, so you have to break them down in 3...). And I have noticed increased strength, stamina and even some muscles measure...

But my real problem is:

Before I started work out, I spent 6 months sleeping, eating and drinking beer. So with that, came the huge belly haha... Resuming, I'm 8kgs over my weight.

My question is, In order to lose all this fat, and build muscle at the same time, would it be safe to continue taking Amplified Creatine 189 and on top of that Amplified Mass XXX? My main concern is, I am already losing weight, as a matter of fact I lost 2kgs in 10 days. Is there any danger in taking Amplified Mass XXX and I start increasing weight and that fat continue stuck in my abs??