best all natural proteins whey and casein

  1. best all natural proteins whey and casein

    What is the best all natural, no fake crap proteins. Preffable ones that do not contain stevia as well.

    I found isonatural by Allmax which is just protein, nothing else

    Anyone know of a casein?

  2. any ideas?

  3. Perhaps, you could get some unflavoured plain protein from Trueprotein.

  4. Protein Factory has a fantastic selection of casein. Also the brand Now has a great tasting all natural whey.

  5. i will look into them i is the protein factory and or now protein natural and w/o stevia?

    with protein factory, if i get lets say chocolate protein with/o sweetener how would that taste?

  6. whos better protein factory or true protein dot com

  7. My best results were from AllMax. I keep getting alltheywhey when it's on sale half price and even though the ingredients are similar, I do not get the same results. I have not found a pure Casein protein. If someone has a link for it, please post.

  8. what does it taste like? also is L-Glutamic Acid 4617mg glutamine?

  9. I like the Vanilla, it actually tastes like real vanilla bean and not fake chemicals. It also mixes well with other stuff like when making a smoothie. I will try the PB/choc next. FOr all the whey i've tried cinamin bun but did not like it. Their Vanilla is ok (not as good as allmax) but the bun has the flavor in an after taste. Also, even though they are both isolates it doesn't seem to work as fast as Allmax. I have also tried Gaspari and their chocolate reminds me of Ovaltine. I do not like their Vanilla though.

    This is all I could find, not sure the exact differences ..."Although glutamine and glutamic acid have similar names, they are structurally different". Here's another result (can't post links, sorry) ..."Glutamine is the amino acid in its free-form, which means it's in its whole food state, whenever you eat foods such as almonds and peanuts your ingesting glutamine amino acids. L-Glutamine is basically the same thing. Its glutamine in its free-form (whole food). The majority of supplement companies sell L-glutamine and tout it as the best form, which it is not". Ok, from further reading it looks like Glutamic Acid is absorbed faster.

  10. Nice thanks for this


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