Battle Fuel, Shred Matrix Stack Question

  1. Battle Fuel, Shred Matrix Stack Question

    I am going to start a Battle Fuel,Shred Matrix stack and am wondering when the best time would be to take them. I work the night shift starting at midnight and getting done at eight then I go workout when I am done work then go home to bed about 2 hours after I am done working out, any help would be appreciated

  2. Depends on when you wake up for work really, so if you wake up at like 11pm you would probably want Shred as soon as you wake up. If you were to work up to a second dose (if you are an 'advanced') lifter, then probably around 5am (6 hrs after first dose) giving you 5+ hrs before you go to sleep. Would not recommend it after 5am cuz it could keep you up. But basically you could pop Shred when you wake up, or mid-shift but not after 5am, but I like it upon waking.

    Then Fuel you would just do 30 minutes pre-workout as instructed.

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