recomp/mental focus/energy supps?

  1. recomp/mental focus/energy supps?

    Well right now I'm not going to the gym, wont be able to for another couple months. I'm doing about 20min of cardio 2x a day(running down and up a mountain), and then a crossfit'ish workout. I'm wanting to get rid of fat, retain as much muscle/definition as I can, and up my cardio. Plus I would like to take something for mental focus for my new job(serving at a high end restaurant that is busy as hell and Ive never served before). Also something to maybe help with sleep. Right now I'm taking


    just basics, would like to add on to these.


  2. Quote Originally Posted by poison View Post
    For focus and energy combo I love combining RPM with a half scoop of Somnidren GH. The focus is completely unrivaled IMO.
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  3. Focus XT by SNS is great for mental clarity
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  4. Jack3d is actually amazing for mental clarity. I sip on it before tests just for the mental "pick-me-up". Obviously the energy is off the charts. Recomping is up to your nutrition plan and exercise routines. Most supplements (obviously disregarding "fat burners") can be used with pretty good versatility. Arnold used D-bol as a cutter for Christ's sake.



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