uspowders stack

  1. uspowders stack

    hey everyone, just recieved a package from nutra containing:

    500g domain atp+refresh
    100g 1-carboxy
    100g super cissusrx
    240g super saponins

    i was wondering if i should stack all of these together and when would be the best time to take each one (pre w/o, post w/o, etc) cant wait to start taking these, any help would be appreciated.

  2. Hi Ryani,
    Here is a decent protocol I have used with success:

    Pre-workout (30 minutes or so)
    3 scoops Domain ATP
    3 caps Refresh

    Post Workout:
    3 caps refresh
    2 grams cissus

    800 mg's (1/4 teaspoon) 1-carboxy
    2-3 grams SuperSap

    If you dont have that much Refresh split the dosage for example 2 caps pre-workout, and 1 cap post workout.
    Enjoy, Domain ATP & Refresh are amazing!

  3. thanks man, didnt expect anyone to reply so fast, so is the carboxy and supersap only taken once a day?

  4. No worries... I came across the post, sincre question, and decided to help out

    Hmm.. Well if I understand correctly the human body likes to do repairs at night, and for that reason I personally prefer to take the 1-carboxy at night cause it also makes me sleepy, and aids the body to release natural growth hormone.
    The supersap you could probably take multiple times a day, I know there is a brief description on the product page where it is suggested to take 3-4 grams a day, so you could throw in 2 grams pre, and 2 post workout.
    I am not to keen on mixing different herbs together unless they are capped cause I tried to do supersap, cissus, and 1-carboxy pre-bed and it made me nauseous, so I like 1-carboxy before bed, and cissus post workout. Add some extra vitamin C for collagen repairs, maybe a gram or 2.

    As a test try out on the weekend or whenever you have free time and take the 1-carboxy lets say in the morning, and see how it affects you.

  5. Great looking stack, I still have not got around to any uspowders besides 1-C and VAT Attack which I'm still wondering what happened to because I think it's my faverite actual supp that I don't consider a staple.



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