GPLC Vs. GlycoCarn?

  1. GPLC Vs. GlycoCarn?

    I've been looking into this stuff lately and I'm curious if there is any difference between GPLC and the GlycoCarn branded GPLC?

    Also what are ALL the benefits of this stuff, and for the guy's who have used it; what are your thoughts as a Pre-WO supp? What dosing do you use?

    Lastly, were is the best place you've found to purchase it?

  2. They are one in the same...GlycoCarn is a registered trademark for GPLC. I've never used it so I couldn't give any feedback.

  3. same stuff is tademarked, thats why you'll notice products that contain it must have it with the symbol after it in the ingredients list, like Primmordial Performance Pre-Max,KAT Vasocor and others,
    the proven amount is 4.5g although there is no regulation on how much needs to be in the product for GPLC to be on the label

  4. I'd really rather buy it bulk than in a product, I've heard some say the Pre-Max effects are similar to just GPLC, so I was hoping to give some GPLC a try and save some $$$

    Any ideas were the best place to purchase in bulk is at?

  5. Good luck finding it.

  6. Look for Jarrows Formulations GPLC...its still not cheap tho
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  7. Nutraplanet sells PLCAR which is the same minus the added glycine. Glycine is an inhibitory amino acid, which means it won't be stimulating if you take G-PLCAR.

  8. check pm orangepeel..

  9. Im still waiting on a study that shows that GPLC is more effective than the other [less expensive] carnitine salts.


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