-Amines + pH balance

  1. -Amines + pH balance

    I was reading the IBE X-force label and stumbled upon their justification for using Calcium Carbonate as the filler- which they stated:

    calcium carbonate that, in our formula, serves three main purposes: action as a buffer, alkalization of the kidneys, and increased calcium levels...
    Calcium carbonate helps create a basic pH environment, which increases the absorption of amines, and allows for the most rapid response achievable from a capsule. Secondly, the carbonate ion (CO32+) that separates from calcium (Ca2+) also acts to alkalinize the kidneys, which effectively prolongs the half-life of amines...This eliminates the need for MAOIís that antagonize monoamine oxidase from cleaving the amino group off of amines...
    which prompted me to verify their claim-

    The excretion of dexamphetamine and its derivatives

    The excretion of amphetamine is increased in acid urine and decreased in alkaline ruine both in man and the rat....When the urine is alkaline, the mean output is only 7% of the ingested dose. ...Acidification of urine is indicated in the treatment of cases of amphetamine poisoning, and would increase the chance of analytical detection in the diagnosis of amphetamine addiction. [...]
    tryptamine is a monoamine alkaloid.... so is PEA, 1,3 DMAA...

    The dependence of tryptamine excretion on urinary pH

    J. Price

    Department of Psychiatry, University of Queensland, Royal Brisbane Hospital, Brisbane Q. 4029, Australia

    Received 14 July 1975.
    Available online 20 January 2003.


    It is demonstrated that urinary tryptamine decreases significantly with increasing urinary pH. This effect becomes important at a urinary pH of 6.5 and over.
    a wiki excerpt-

    Urinary and stomach pH levels can have a strong effect on DL-amphetamine excretion and absorption.[9] An acidic stomach and GI pH will decrease the absorption of Adderall,[10] and acidic urine levels will decrease the reabsorption of the drug through the renal system.[11] Co-administration of acidic substances (e.g. citric acid) causes decreased renal reabsorption of DL-amphetamine, while alkaline agents (e.g. antacids) may cause a marked increase in renal tubular reabsorption. The increased reabsorption can increase the retention of amphetamines, potentially resulting in dangerously high serum levels.[11]
    With that said, many PreWO stims/fat burners contain "-amines." such as PEA (meltdown, shotgun), Methylhexanamine (Jack3d), slim-X had a couple of -amines in there too... to name a few.
    considering the above information- it would be safe to assume that taking a stim with a calcium based supplement- would help the absorption and effectiveness of your stim, whereas drinking something that is high in vitamin C, or other acidic beverages would actually reduce the effectiveness/active time of your amine based stim.
    There were many user reports on the short-commings of PEA, being that it was metabolized so quickly that it had little biological effect, and hence the addition of Hordenine (MAOI)- however, it could be safe to assume that taking calcium with PEA (or another -amine based product) would help prolong/increase it's effects. (but maybe not to the capacity of hordenine)

  2. nice research!!

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