Would Paravol and Powerfull be good for Libido and recovery?

  1. Would Paravol and Powerfull be good for Libido and recovery?

    Im thinking about purchasing them both to go along with starting P90x. I think that these supplements along with a good diet should help with libido and recovery. What do you guys think?

  2. sounds good had great results with powerfull

  3. Paravol is a relatively weak libido enhancer in my experience. There are many other options that I would choose for libido enhancement.

    Powerfull has no effect on libido for me. However, IF I am already sleeping well, it does improve sleep quality for me. Therefore, I do think it can help a bit with recovery.

  4. k..whats good for the libido?

  5. Paravol didn't do anything for me, but Powerfull works good.
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  6. Cool. Powerfull it is!!!

  7. for libido-ejaculoid. for libido+recovery=testopro.

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