taking nolva in the middle of epi cycle

  1. taking nolva in the middle of epi cycle

    i'm dead in the middle of my epistane only cycle, on wk4 of 6.. i previously had some prior gyno and i think the epi is making it flare up and possibly grow bigger, but i really cant tell, i might just be overly paranoid.. i was just wondering if taking 20mg nolvadex ed at this point would hinder some gains or not??

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  3. How are you dosing your Epi?

    Nolva won't hurt your gains but I doubt it is needed.

  4. 20/30/30-40/40/50/possibly 60 or will remain on 50..and plan on using proviron at 50mg ed for 3 wks afterwards

    yeah i dont think its needed either, might just be a lil extra bloat, from diet...i'm just overly paranoid

  5. Well I was wondering how you dose it as in what time of day. Epi has a short half life and sometimes estrogen can rebound overnight.

    But yea, no offense but your probably just over paranoid.

  6. i work nights, so i wake up around noon to 1pm, take 1 or 2(2 if its an off day), then 3-4 hrs later take another 1, and then around 11pm pm take 1 or 2 depending if i'm working out that night or not(2 if i'm working out, 1 if i'm not)


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