1. Arrow DIESEL TEST Pro-Cycle vs. RPM

    Been using RPM for about a month now and thinking of trying DIESEL TEST Pro-Cycle. Are these two at all comparable?

  2. My good friend has been Taking DTP and got the best gains of his life off of the stuff, there also 2 diff kinds of supplements. I would think taking both would be a good stack.
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  3. Just realized DTP contains Yohimbe...something that never agrees with me.

    Anyone know the actual level of Yohimbe in DTP?

  4. small. like 2mg/3 pills or something. its in my log, look for chucks post. its good, but on my second run it made my blood pressure go to the insane range(at 6-8 caps a day) then i was doing squats, popped a blood vessel in my head and about passed out and couldnt lift for 2 weeks. YMMV

  5. OUCH! Might just stick with RPM then.

    Or Diesel Test Hardcore..is Diesel Test Hardcore also being reformulated?

  6. I have not used DTP, but I have and loved DTH. I would say they are something best stacked, not compared.

  7. This is not a fair comparison. Both products are used for different purposes. DTP is a natural testosterone boosting supplement and RPM is a pre-workout supplement. You don't compare the two...your better off stacking the two of them. lol. . Seriously though...stack them and go for it.



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  8. I realize they are both two different kind of products now, but just wondering whether to stick with RPM or change or add in DTP.


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