S-Drol pct question

  1. S-Drol pct question

    I`m gonna run Testadrol cycle with otc pct, ( I have nolva on hand if something goes wrong) and i need to know about my pct. I`m 46 yo, 5`11, 170lb, training almost all my life many sport, last 6 years only gym, only ph i have use was 5 month ago 1AD, 4AD, arom-x 1month cycle. This is stuff what i`m gonna use: Starting 2 weeks before cycle to end of pct, Hawthorn berry, saw palmetto, NAC, Liv-52, synara scolymus. ( potassium and taurine on hand for possible cramps) fish oil, c-vit. multivit. been always part of diet. Cycle: Testadrol 15,15,30 PCT: Reversitol 3,3,2,1 T911 2,2,2,2 Lean Xtreme start 15 day 3,3,2,2 Question is, do i have too much estrogen and cortisol control in my pct? ( Reversitol, Lean Xtreme) many guys say Reversitol alone is adequate even for S-Drol pct.

  2. if your going to do a proper PCT for sdrol you're going to want to run a SERM and then after that, an AI. cort products are not necessary but you casn run them and no, you don't have to many.

  3. i dont think reversitol would recover u from a sd cycle dosed at 30. definately use ur serm since u have one.

  4. Cant go wrong with a SERM. I wouldn't run anything but the SERM.

  5. SERM for sure



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