M14-E regiment

  1. Lightbulb M14-E regiment

    Jay Edit: Too young and in the wrong section; read the rules before making another thread. Thank you.

  2. Just to inform you, you will likely not get help on this question as you are asking about hormone altering products and you are under the age of 21. Not to mention you have been running prohormones for years. I would get my bloodwork taken just in case you caused some damage.

  3. I got my blood work done two weeks ago for that exact reason actually. All counts are where they need to be and there was nothing out of the ordinary that the doctor saw or felt she should bring up. I'll be 20 in a month if that makes a difference. But thank you for the tip, if I do not get any posts I'll try somewhere else and not put the age down.

  4. First, you should post this in the Anabolics section.

    Second, I don't condone your plan, and recommend you research what has happened to a lot of the guys on the Anabolics section when they started too young. A lot of scary stories. You are too young to be using this and there are short and long term side effects even if blood work came back fine. You should use a bit more caution and research. The reason they say over 21 is for many safety reasons regarding how your body develops and overall maturity. Your response to this will show where your maturity is.

    Third, some things showing your research isn't complete:

    PCT is completely inadequate. You need a SERM like Clomid, Nolvadex (not from Gaspari), or tamoxifen. If you can't find/get that, don't even start.

    You should also run cycle support all the way through for BP and Liver protection. AI Cycle Support or CEL Cycle Assist are good. Load this at least 2 weeks before starting and use all the way through PCT.

    Exponential doses? What's that? Do you mean taking them spread throughout the day? Havoc (epistane) has a 6 hour half life and should be spread out. What do you think the half life of M1,4ADD is? If you know, you can answer your own question.

    Protein sources? Seriously, if you're looking to bulk you should already have your training and diet dialed in. You should know calories, macros, timing, etc. and have it planned. Protein shakes are nowhere near as good as whole food. If you're in a dorm, eat crap loads of good, clean food (think meat and veggies). If you research and find the differences between whey isolate, whey concentrate, casein, soy, etc. you can figure it out for the rest. Honestly, diet can make much more of a difference than steroids. Do you know what your maintenance calories are and how much you plan to exceed that on cycle?

    What's your schedule? How many pills, how many days?

    What's your workout routine?

    What are your goals? These are basic questions before you even pick which PH/DS to buy.

    M14e is pretty serious stuff, 2 methyls stacked. M1,4ADD converts to DBol. It's way more harsh than your past cycles, and you should treat it with more respect. I would hold off using the M-14 for a year when you're 21 and you've had time to do adequate research (searching and reading, not just opening a new thread).

    I'm not trying to flame you hear bro, but you have to treat the PH/DS stuff with more respect than you give it. It can really mess you up now and down the road. You don't want to look like Bob from Fight Club, do you?

    If you want to make some good gains, just try switching up your workout routine. Try DC Training, it's really good for strength and size. Supplements, stick to creatine, beta alanine, BCAA, protein, fishoil and multis. Eat a lot and train hard. That's all you need, then when you hit a plateau in a year, you can make an informed decision about PH/DS.

  5. ^ pretty much sums it up.

    You are 19 now and used ph/aas a few years ago? Like 17 or younger?!?!? Not a smart idea. I do care if you bloodwork says your fine.



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