1. 6-bromo

    Can any one tell me anything and everything about 6-bromo? Curious how it works and compares to other AI's?

  2. 6-Bromodione: There are two types of estrogen aromatase inhibitors and application of only one leaves the other pathway open for feminizing potential.


    6 alpha-Bromodione is a competitive inhibitor of aromatase enzymes. Basically this means it works by way of binding to the active binding site of the aromatase enzyme resulting in prevention of interaction with other steroids that aromatize like testosterone and the rest of our favorite male androgens. This is great for rapid binding and short term aromatase control, but unfortunately a competitive inhibitor will eventually let go of the enzyme and allow it to do feminizing things to manly hormones. So, only half of the job is done, but it has its important role as well.


    6 beta-Bromodione is a mechanism-based irreversible inhibitor of the aromatase enzyme. An irreversible aromatase inhibitor is also referred to as a suicide inhibitor. It's pretty cool in that it acts similar to a competitive inhibitor in the way it binds, but like a pissed-off ex-girlfriend, it is both highly selective and it will not let go until death do they part.

    Basically, it helps keep estrogen under control. It is not as effective as say ATD, but it has less sides. From my understanding, alot of people use it for a mild cycle in pct.
    Think training's hard,. try losing!

  3. Cool, more libido? Cuz ATD KILLED my libido, Formestane did after a little while about a week. So I thought I might give this a try? I don't use prohormones/steroids, I just looking for something to lower estro a tad along with a natty test stack.

  4. i love 6bromo, for me, I feel so much better using it than when using atd, or 6-oxo. it does the job, but not so much that you feel crappy, and no longer want to do it with the wife.


    I love that stuff honestly. I had better results with HX2/6Bromo then I did with NovedexXT and 6-OXO.

  6. Hyperdrol worked amazing for me, my lipids were up though shortly after when tested, but I ran a full 8 weeks, gained strength and some mass while dropping lots of fat, i really liked it

  7. 6 bromo is good stuff!

  8. How low dose estrogen have to go before you start to lose your sex drive?


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