I plan on taking American cellular labs mma-3 xtreme, hmg xtreme, and estro xtreme in late December. About 2 months ago i ran mma-3 and hmg as my first prohormone cycle and i gained 20 lbs of dry lean muscle. I went from plateau 160 to 180 in 6 weeks. For that reason i am def gonna do this again but followed with the estro x. Is there something else that would be good to add to this cycle for bulking but with little side effects. I heard dymethazine is good to stack with Bold/mma-3 xtreme (equipoise) I really wanna gain 25 pounds, but not get all bloated. seems like what ill be taking is gonna really dry me out, and im also a little worried about my joints. Ive been off the last cycle for about 2 weeks and my joints are crackin all the time. Will fish oil solve this? And should i add a PH thats more wet?

Unfortunately all i can use is OTC products. Clomid and Noveldex isnt available for me. Only with a rx script. Estro extreme, milk thistle, hawthorne berry, and tribulus is all i have right now for cycle therapy. Thanks for your help!