D1 football player

  1. D1 football player

    Doesn't look like we're making a bowl this season, before I was thinking of transferring and I was also thinking of taking a pro-hormone or steroid and after advice and self reflection, I decided not to. Ultimatly I want to make the next level, I thought i was ready for pro hormones because i have down the dedication and lifestyle where my life revolves around training. Eating the right amount of calories and my desired macro breakdown, getting enough sleep, staying away from drugs and alchohol, and drinking enough water are all just examples of this. I am about 6'3 250 pounds and a pretty low body fat(10-12% realistically), i played defensive end my first year but switched to tight end and run about a 4.65 to 4.75. I train extremely hard with my team and push my body to the limits every workout. After extensive research I have come up with this stack:

    100% Whey Protein (protein)
    Green Magnitude(creatine)
    Orange Triad (Multi)
    Omega 3 Fish Oil (joint health)
    Jack3d (Pre Workout)
    Man Clout ( Recovery, Athletic Performance)
    Bulk BCAA's ( Recovery)

    As far as my knowledge and research, all of these are considered NCAA legal. My goal this off-season is to keep my speed but gain about 10 pounds of muscle. Obviously through hard work every day I want to get bigger, stronger, faster. I feel that this stack ALONG WITH great nutrition, proper sleep, and a dedicated lifestyle I will make significant gains. I was wondering if there were any other muscle building or any other products people would recommend. I was looking at X Factor but because of the cost and some reports of it being dangerous, i opted not to try it. I appreciate your patience and response, i get money because i have a scholarship and have some extra money from a good summer job so cost isn't that important just interested in any other products which would drastically help me. Also, feel free to add if anyone thinks there is overkill in this stack or any of these products would be better substituted with any else because I'm not sure if Man Clout and BCAAs are too much. Thank you, really any help you can offer is appreciated in reaching my goals.

  2. Where are you at and want to transfer to?

  3. i play at a mountain west school far from home.. was going to transfer to a school closer to a lower tier ACC school thats closer to home.. i have decided to stick it out ultimatly though

  4. I would recommend Prime by USP Labs. Get at least two bottles and take nine on workout days, six on off days, and you'll put on the pounds

  5. Quote Originally Posted by danieltx13 View Post
    I would recommend Prime by USP Labs. Get at least two bottles and take nine on workout days, six on off days, and you'll put on the pounds
    thanks im not sure if this will be NCAA legal tho, anymore suggestions?

  6. prime is non hormonal so i dont know why it shouldnt be.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Swoldierboy View Post
    prime is non hormonal so i dont know why it shouldnt be.
    Yes Prime is probably one of the safest products out there, there is no issues with NCAA at all. You can expect increase in strength and stamina and you really need to eat a lot but you can gain mass on it, but it's mainly very good for recomp.

    If my boy was still playing this is what I would recommend. They have some nice documentation on how athletes should be using this.

    Another stack I will be using is the Swole stack, by Anabolic Inovations, this is something else you might want to look into. The products are all natural and there has been some good reviews. I personally will be running it early in the new year. Read up on it, study some logs, I think you'll be intriged.

    I like 8 weeks Asteroid rest for a week or so then 8 weeks swole. That'll getter done!!
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  8. Prime even says on the box that the ingredients in it aren't banned by the NCAA.

  9. No ingredients contained in USPlabs PRIME are listed on current NCAA banned substance lists.

    Look into the USPlabs Athletic Dominance Protocol
    \\ USPlabs Alpha Ginger //


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