"Lost" shipment of old school Redline caps - found?

  1. "Lost" shipment of old school Redline caps - found?

    OK so looking back at it the title wasn't the best choice, but I think you'll see what I mean.

    I discovered something strange today. There's a local deep discount type store, where they have things like shipments that fell off a truck, last season's designer clothes, store returns, etc. I go there every few months, mainly to poke around the auto and tool departments.

    Lately they have been getting shipments of both apparently fine (plenty of time left before expiration, undamaged, unopened, etc.) and expired GNC brand products and BSN products. Nothing too exciting except GNC whey @ $7 for 5lb.

    Today I stumbled upon a case of old school Redline caps, the ones that contain cAMP and with the clear liquid cap and the red band in the middle. 120 count, lot number is 08006, expiration 09/10. I bought all they had @ $3.99 a bottle. I asked the manager where they came from and she said she didn't know, but it wasn't the same source as the GNC and BSN products. She said there was another case kicking around somewhere as well as more VPX supps, and I should check back next week.

    I find this intriguing as I have not seen this formula on sale for at least three years, but these are all perfectly fine looking with time left until expiration.

    Any idea where these came from or what is going on? Old products found in a warehouse somewhere? Did some part of VPX or a distributor go out of business?
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