Effects of P-plex on mood?

  1. Effects of P-plex on mood?

    Most logs that I've reviewed make no mention of the effects of this PH on mood? What have you guys found while taking this compound? I'm a recovering addict and don't want to get on some **** that will make me relapse...

  2. oh yeah, profile:
    10-13% BF
    lifting on and off for 4 years, heavily for 1.5
    plateaued.... dammit

  3. It gave me a mild sense of well being. I wouldnt go as far as to say "Euphoric" though.

    A lot of people who've used Phera will agree.

    Theres a static sense of well being, meaning its constant. During and after workouts the feeling is peaked it seems.

    It was so different from other OTC and illicit oral steroids. SD gave me an agitated/aggressive feeling, m1t gave me lethargy (even with test), anadrol made me a moody bastard, Hdrol made me feel a bit agressive as well. With Phera, is was different. its comparable to dbol in mood.

    DOnt get me wrong, agression is fine and has its place.

    I liked pplex/phera better than any other OTC or illicit oral.



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