Gyno Removal

  1. Gyno Removal

    So I searched for a bit and couldn't find what I was looking for so.... I have scheduled an appointment with Dr. Edward Berzin in Houston, TX and was wondering if anybody has gone to him? Results?

    My history is:

    Gyno removal 22 years ago on right side. It was hack job and you can still see where it was. (surgery will be on left side and possible fixing of right side's form, depends what I can talk doctor into versus what insurance says)

    Currently slacking in my powerlifting, 40's hit me hard. Gained some weight that I am not proud of.

    Side note:
    Kind of wish forums like this were around 25 years ago it would have made for better decisions on cycles and post cycle treatment. Sitting in locker rooms listening to dealers and "I have done this and that" experts really wasn't helpful in long run.

    I will post before and after pictures closer to the surgery date.

  2. good luck getting old sucks

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