Another review: Nitrous!

  1. Another review: Nitrous!

    It's been awhile, so here's yet another trial run on a new supp from yours truly..

    Nitrous by Syntrax is a new volumizing product, a new-generation No2 type deal.. I've never used any No2 products except for maybe Swole V2(if you can consider it that), but I must say I may have underestimated this product..

    TASTE: You really don't wanna dump a scoop in your mug and swish it down, very bitter tasting powder makes liquid products seem like heaven..

    MIX: Virtually tasteless in juice, protein shakes, beer.. Maybe beer isn't a great idea, but it mixes quite well in the first two..

    RESULTS: I'm training clients full-time these days, and at my gym we have Staff Development, which is pretty much training each other and getting our training ideas out in a set format.. This can be strenuous, I feel almost like I may overtrain.. After only 4 days of using 5g before and after our training, I feel pretty good, and strong enough to go back to being a bodybuilder after trying to reform cardio monkeys.. Right now I'm pumped from hittin' chest and delts this morning after a client.. It's surely doing something..

    I'm bumping my dose to 5g in the morning, then 10g PWO with Nectar, and dextrose.. This could probably compliment Swole V2 quite well, and I feel that it's a good bulking tool, or even cutting..

    Now, go get some!

  2. Power Nutrition
    Power Nutrition's Avatar

    Sounds great Pete. We are going to order some in. Should have it on the site by Wednesday.


  3. Now I know who to get it from..

  4. Good stuff Pete. I agree with you in regards to the taste. I tried dumping it my mouth then chasing it with water. Yuk! Never again I mix it with diet sierra mist and its ok.

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