Why can't teens use this stuff?

    I understand the problems with Pro hormones but what about anti-aromatases? Doesn't it just block the estrogen in your body while you are on it? What is the big danger to the endocrine system when you just block estrogen?

    State your arguements because i am a teen and would like to try this stuff out and I know there are many other young people that have questions like this everyday.

    I am not here to hear what i want to hear.....I just want to know the facts.

    Also, what is more safer? a natty test booster or an anti aromatase?



  2. most of the oral AI's in the supplement world have been (at least since a couple years ago when I used one) very potent, typically irreversable suicide inhibitors of the aromatase enzyme, which converts t to e. We cannot build estrogen, and must instead use the enzyme aromatase to convert testosterone to estrogen.

    Now that we have the basics outta the way, upon ingestion it will permanently bind to aromatase, leading to a huge decrease in estrogen amounts (since available estrogen is eventually degraded and recycled to other molecules).

    Lower estrogen kicks the body's leveling out feed back loop, and attempts to increase estrogen levels. To do this, testosterone must be created to convert to estrogen. But without the aromatase enzyme available to do this, it leads to an increase in testosterone levels, increasing the T : E ratio.

    Quick and short as a teenager I would heavily recommend against using an AI, it is not worth the potential damage done to you body that still has yet to fully develop, and could permanently alter/lower your hormone levels. I'm not just saying this to be a big bad adult, but because I was where you were at just a couple years ago and thought I knew it all too, just warning to a fellow BBer, good luck with whatever you choose to do and keep us updated.

  3. Adding to this, before the 6-oxo ban, a whole lot of people talked shiz on novadex. They say it has weird side affects, and can actually raise estradiol and lower libido, which isn't what one would expect from such a product.

  4. adding to all of them which they are correct, teens hormones and test levels are constantly fluctuating. if you take anything to mess with them, it can have side effects on u for life. especially running a PH. but why would u even wanna run novadex anyways.

  5. just go on a supplement website and look at test boosters like 2nd gear, sustain alpha, igf 2. those are all acceptable

  6. be careful with novadex xt. it sent my prolactin levels through the roof and I felt like ****.

  7. Can anyone tell me what prolactin is and what it does?

    Thanks, im not going to take novadex after reading all this.

    However, when i was 16, i started working out at military school and without knowing anything, i used a box of arimatest and tried some other t booster i forgot the name. Does this mean i have permanently damaged myself? Or is it just that it is possible to damage myself?

  8. just a possibility. i dont know exactly what u took though

  9. i took test boosters when iw as 16 and i have 2 blood test and hormone panels done annually and they are fine

  10. I ran novedex once when i was 19, and noticed nothing from it... I ran novedex again probably 6 months ago because i got a bottle for free, and it absolutely killed my sex drive.

  11. Some of the side effect of novadex seem to be compatible with actually having MORE estrogen.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by kingdong View Post
    Some of the side effect of novadex seem to be compatible with actually having MORE estrogen.
    How so? Having too little estrogen (from what i understand, ATD absolutely kills it) gives the ol' libido a big hit. Some estrogen isnt a bad thing..

  13. you must raise ur t-level and igf-1 by eating at a timly manner and training at a mid-lev intenstiy and supp at the right times. Novedex xt made my workouts go through the roof. not only feeling pumped but walking with a third leg as well lol.
    i def respect NOVEDEX-XT TO THE FULLEST


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