Question about Ephedra

  1. Question about Ephedra

    If one was to look for ephedra, NOT ephedrine hcl and the other type you would find in the asthma medication, what would it be called and what would the dosing be? I'm just shocked I can waltz into a website for steriods and dnp but there is NOTHING for pure ephedra . I'm taking ECA with primatene right now, but yeah, I'm just shocked ephedra cannot be found the way other banned substances can.

  2. Ephedrine is simply the main compound extracted from the plant. If you want ephedrine in an unmodified form you need to find something that uses "Ma huang" and not "ephedrine" (or any of it's substituant forms). Ma huang (Ephedra sinica) is the plant ephedrine is extracted from and put into different forms.

  3. ephedra is the plant. the part of the plant determines the alkaloids present.

    mu huang contains most alkaloids of ephedra and therefore has the best fat burning ability.

    sida cordifolia contains second most alkaloids and is the second best at burning fat.

    products that say ephedra extract ( leaves) are useless because no alkaloids are contained in the leaves.

    if you cannot find sida cordifolia or mu huang, as stated before[ because they are banned from being sold in weight loss supplements], and, as you know, use ephedrine hcl/sulfate.

    more info taken from

    Herbal Ephedra and Pure Ephedrine both stimulate CNS and SNS to some degree. Pure Ephedrine, due to the lack of the 5 other alkaloids, has a MILDER CNS effect (less side effects / jitters) but still has SOME CNS effect while maintaining a powerful SNS effect.

    Ephedrine Alkaloids (in herbal Ephedra):

    (-) ephedrine
    (+) pseudoephedrine
    (-) methylephedrine
    (-) norephedrine
    (+) norpseudoephedrine
    (+) methylpseudoephedrine
    For me, the action IS the juice.

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