slim Xtreme professional athletes

  1. slim Xtreme professional athletes

    I know about the health risks with Slim Xtreme my question is can professional athletes like a Pro boxer, Mlb baseball player, NFL football player or collage athlete use slim xtreme legally without any Suspensions

  2. based on the ncaa's list of banned substance, probably not a good idea

  3. Id agree theres other things out there that would be safer for use then this safer as far as if it is on list or not i never felt any sides from it personally.

  4. Thanks

    I checked NCAA D-1 website still not sure if it would pop I wanted to post the Ncaa link but I do not have 50 post yet

    If one of the Boxers Pacquiao or cotto in tonights fight was taking slim Xtreme would that show up.

  5. Are you involved with this fight somehow? Why do you care about these two particular fighters?

  6. not involved just a fan an it is a big fight tonight just an example of a sport

  7. Im not sure as to the most recent of the NCAA's banned substance list but when i took it 2-3 months ago im pretty sure i remember it being fine but now, id air on the side of caution and until you know for sure dont take it.


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