Hello y'all. Sorry for the weird thread but this may help others with similar interests so here goes.

I'm over 40 so I've been popping supps for 20 years now. It's gets old at times.

I am attempting to transition over to powdered supps but here/s the problem.....I'm also a wuss when it comes to slamming nasty powdered supps. Been there done that, it's not for me.

So. I am trying to compile a list of supps that have a "neutral" taste. I plan to make a "drink" of sorts and slam it 4 times a day (mix it up once in the morning and takes "shots" 4x/day).

What powdered supps (anti-aging OR ergogenic) have neutral tastes?

So far, these powdered supps have made the list:
IP6 Powder (Inositol Hexophosphate)
Chlorella (very slight "grass" taste)
PPC (Phosphatidylcholine)

Udo's Oil, Stevia and Jarrow's Daily 5 Fruit/vegetable Blend is my "base" (Daily 5 Powder, Organic Fruits, Vegetables & Greens, 180 g, Jarrow Formulas)

I am also creating a MIX for the parents who despise popping capsules all day long too so please list whatever as I will attempt to tailor one to their needs to (theyre over 70)