What After SuperPump250?

  1. What After SuperPump250?

    After taking about a year off from working out I got back into it and after a month of building back up I threw in SuperPump. I have finished it and got about 15lbs of LBM while using it. Now, I am looking to gain a bit more mass and was thinking of taking gaspari's SizeOn creatine. However, I have been reading a lot on this forum about jack3d+powerfull that makes the stack seem tempting. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions if I should take the creatine, then the stack? vice versa, skip the creatine? Any advice would be appreciated!

    went from 175 to 190 and -2/3% fat on the superpump

  2. super-pump - pre workout, size on - post workout
    Jack'd - pre workout, powerfull - post workout
    Nanovapor - pre workout, cell-tech - post workout
    White Flood - pre workout, Green Bulge - post workout
    N.O. Explode - pre workout, Cellmass - post workout

    there's a million stacks like that but you don't HAVE to use the same company...any pre-workout supp will be fine to stack with a creatine product for post-workout (along with whey of course)

    I'm currently taking Nanovapor pre-workout and Size-on post workout

  3. How about,

    30-45 mins prior workout Anadraluic state.

    Post workout Quick Karbs and Lipotropic Protein
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  4. For the most part, your gains probably came mostly from muscle memory. Why not try taking a break from the caffeine products?

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