best tasting casein protein

  1. best tasting casein protein

    I'm looking at changing up my night time protein shake. I've tried Optimum 100% casein protein (chocolate) didn't care for the taste. Also I've tried Dymatize Mega Shake (chocolate). I really like the taste but it's not really want to shell out $40 month. . Cost is a factor as well is serving size since I'm in Germany. I'm opening to ideals or suggesting


  2. all the whey (the brand) makes one. but Optimum nutrition just came out with a bunch of new flavors with their casein. I've found it online for as little as 32 dollars. I can't wait to try the banana cream flavor.

    with any casein shake you will get a thick grainy consistency. some are just less than others. if you don't like it, you could always eat a cup of cottage cheese which contains casien as the protein source.

    but at the same time cottage cheese has alot of sugar in it as well...

  3. Try Optimum Nutrition's naturals. They taste better than the originals.

  4. Evopro

  5. Xtreme Formulations UP 1.0 or 2.0
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  6. ON's french vanilla is good stuff

  7. UP 2.0 definitely

  8. I just use ON's...**** doesn't mix well at all I can only use one scoop and I have to use water instead of milk or else it will basically solidify in the shaker cup...doesn't taste bad at all to me tho

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Wudog View Post
    ON's french vanilla is good stuff
    I used this too, pretty tasty IMO.

  10. I use milk with ON's and have noticed that you do need to mix it very well...I use a blender and not just a shaker cup...also if you add any extra's to your shake, I have noticed that mixing the milk or water and protein first works a lot better with casein rather then mixing everything at one time.

  11. I use Micellar myself... but the down right best tasting protein I have had is from True Protein. Any one of their flavors are on point. ON sucks in the taste department. Same with All The Whey the last time I had their product (Which is why i only bought once)... but the premium flavors from True Protein are on point.
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  12. Quote Originally Posted by hyperCat View Post
    I use Cytosport's Evopro as well. The chocolate mixed with some natty peanut butter pre-bed is awesome.


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