Endoamp,11oxo/11-Sterone Question

  1. Endoamp,11oxo/11-Sterone Question

    Hey mates

    question here. I was going to run Endoamp for Cortisol control and loose some stuburn belly fat. But a mate of mine told me endoamp is better used as a pct for 11oxo and suggested I run 11oxo for 8 weeks at 8-10 caps then endo amp as a PCT for 4 weeks

    cheers for the help

    if I do go the above route I would most likely run 11-Sterone by Competitive Edge Labs to save some dollars

  2. Quote Originally Posted by testosteronet View Post
    I would run 11-oxo...
    so your in agreement endoamp is more a pct ? Why 11-oxo over 11-Sterone

    also are you in agreement wit hthe doasge of 11-oxo / 11-Sterone


  3. It's not that EndoAmp is more of a PCT product it's good anytime but 11oxo at high dosages is certainly more anabolic than EndoAmp.
    Applied Nutriceuticals

  4. Quote Originally Posted by testosteronet View Post
    Oh and you need more than endoamp for pct at that high of a dose
    How about the whole TRS stack? or would I need a serm like Nolva ?

  5. dpfisher
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jbrooks View Post
    How about the whole TRS stack? or would I need a serm like Nolva ?

    I think 11-oxo is the only thing I wouldn't use a serm for, but I also probably wouldn't go up to 12 caps a day. I think most people will still say no serm though and that I'm just a nervous nancy.

    I should specify I'd be more concerned about the test levels than actually getting gyno or something.



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